News about Bullet Battles

Hello everyone, sorry about the wait for updates. I have decided to do the following things to Bullet Battles:

  • Remake the game under a new name
  • Scrap randomly generated levels and just use pre-made ones
  • Add an interesting and unique mechanic

I will be providing more details to these points below. The game will still stay on but I am planning to add it to Gamejolt sometime soon. The game will be remade in a new engine and will be called Rikoshet; reasoning behind this name 3 paragraphs down.

I am going to be removing randomly generated levels from the main game. This will make development workflow easier as the level generation engine was incredibly flawed. Also having a new tilemap for the levels will allow me to add more things into the environment and really customize all of the levels.

Adding a new mechanic, which will be the main focus of the game, will help differentiate the game from similar games. I will be making all weapons be able to bounce of walls (a certain number of times) like the Shotgun. I will also be re-adding the slow motion mechanic if I feel like it helps flesh out the gameplay.

Planned new features:

  • Better gameplay pacing
  • Player and enemy animation

Possible new features:

  • Online free-for-all multiplayer

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