Version Patch Notes

We have just released version! Sorry for the wait! Some issues came up with Construct which meant that I couldn't actually develop the game but I just fixed it and am back with a big new update!


  • Added new 'Rusher' enemy class - Runs faster but does less damage and has less health
  • Added Assault Rifle - Does 4 DMG - Uses Medium Ammo
  • Added Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle - Does 9 DMG - Uses Heavy Ammo
  • The color of the ammo boxes are now randomized
  • Enemies get harder every 5 levels
  • Added shield ability which also deals 2 damage to any enemies you hit with it
  • Re-wrote enemy damaging system


  • Added Loadout screen where you can choose your abilities


  • Made the level counter and enemy tracker level and re positioned them both.


  • Fixed error where decimals would show when using health packs with higher than 80 HP
  • Fixed glitch where you would start on 29 Light ammo and not 30

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