Version Patch Notes

We have just released version! Here are the patch notes.


  • Added energy bar - Slow-mo uses 1 energy 0.1 seconds - Energy is gained by killing enemies
  • All weapons now have some sort of recoil. I will be releasing a list of the recoils on the forums.
  • Health number is now displayed above the bar.
  • Hand Cannon buffed to do 6 DMG.
  • Shotgun now shoots 4 pellets instead of 7.


  • Enemy counter now is next to level counter.
  • Grenade Ammo renamed to Explosives

Other Changes

  • No ladder spawns now, press Q at the end of a level at any time to proceed.
  • Chests, ammo boxes and health packs are rotated randomly when they spawn. Enemies are rotated randomly too when they die


  • Music now plays!

Next Update

  • Enemies do more damage and are faster the higher the level you are
  • Shield ability
  • Customization screen

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