Version Patch Notes

We have just released version! Here are the changes and additions!


  • Added 2 new ammo types: Medium & Heavy
  • Added special abilities - Added Slow-mo as first ability, others will be added later - Hold right-click for ability
  • Changed weapon system - Different guns can now deal different amounts of damage even if they use the same ammo type
  • Added the Hand Cannon - Uses Heavy Ammo - Deals 3 DMG


  • Reorganized ammo UI to accommodate Medium & Heavy ammo
  • Reticle now goes yellow if hovered over a chest


  • Pixel edges are now smooth so guns won't pixelate when moving


  • Clicking updates will take you to the devlog page for Bullet Battles on
  • Reticle as mouse cursor on menus


  • Ladder now spawns above the enemy
  • Pressing Escape now takes you to the main menu

Known Bugs

  • Music now does not play at all :(

Next Update

  • Your health will show as a number over the health bar
  • Shotgun nerf
  • Recoil changes for most weapons
  • Hopefully fix music

Other Features Coming Soon

  • Pause Menu
  • Updated UI
  • Customization menu (for abilities)

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